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Title: The Pretender My Life Undercover For The Fbi PDF, ePub eBook


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The pretender has 79 ratings and 14 reviews philip said i had the privilege of working with the author prior to his enlistment in the fbi when were botthe pretender my life undercover for the fbi marc ruskin on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers of all the tools available to law enforcement the living breathing undercover operative remains the gold standard this is true in tv shows and in the real world in the era of electronic surveillanceat any given time the fbi has about one hundred full time undercover agents or ucs as we referred to ourselves in the field in the 1990s and 2000s i was proud very proud to be one of them thanks to the three the pretender is a fascinating read into the dark life of an undercover agent the pretender my life undercover for the fbi reads like a thriller and written in street savvy style replete with details of the undercover lifestyle never before revealed a winner patrick w picciarelli co author of street warrior the story of the nypds most decorated detective and the era that created himthe pretender my life undercover for the fbi 47 out of 5 based on 0 ratings 3 reviews kevin oreilly more than 1 year ago a thoughtful erudite yet surprisingly entertaining if not outright pacey review of a fascinating career and an area of work undercover or uc as marc might say that continues to intrigue us and inspire a plethora

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