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Tasty the art and science of what we eat is a brief biography of flavor tracing an arc from its first appearance at the dawn of life on earth to the invention of cooking by early humans to the strange concoctions of the modern food system reporting from kitchens supermarkets farms restaurants huge food corporations and science labs tasty the art and science of what we eat by john mcquaid is an exploration of taste mysteries of flavor senses and a blend of culinary history from our ancestors to todays foodie revolution taste is often dismissed as the most primitive of the senses yet its really the most complex and subtle sense of them alljohn mcquaid is the author of tasty the art and science of what we eat and his journalism has appeared in smithsonian magazine the washington post wired forbescom and eating well magazine his science and environment reporting for the times picayune anticipated hurricane katrina explored the global fisheries crisis and the problems of invasive speciesjohn mcquaids tasty the art and science of what we eat begins with a 480 million year old meal an inch long paleozoic marine arthropod called a trilobite sucking down a smaller wormlike creature evidence of which was captured on a tiny fossil discovered in the 1980s the book ends with more cutting edge examples of cuisine from software engineer rob rhineharts development of a a fascinating and deeply researched investigation into the mysteries of flavorfrom the first bite taken by our ancestors to scientific advances in taste and the current foodie revolutiontaste has long been considered the most basic of the five senses because its principal mission is a simple one to discern food from everything else

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