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The reward for taking the pulse test and heeding what it shows you can mean the addition of ten to twenty more years to your life years free of high blood pressure heart attacks headaches and a score of other ailments dr arthur f coca has opened the door to the prevention and cure of a host of illnesses you have but to enterthis version of the pulse test allows you specifically test one food at a time and immediately learn if the food is beneficial or stressful to your body it is like the instant gratification method of dr cocas original test food sensitivity testing with the lnt coca pulse test do this test 1 2 hours after eating or drinking anythingdownload the pulse test chart to keep track of your results of the dates and foods you test the common offending foods are listed on the chart there are extra spaces for anything you crave and anything else that you might suspectyou can do the pulse test with as many things as youd like as long as you wait for your pulse to return to your before rate prior to testing the next food if you reacted to a certain food it helps to rinse your mouth out with filtered water and then spit the water outpulse testing for allergies cocas pulse tests are extraordinarily useful and simple tools for at home allergy detection my clients have succeeded at using this approach without supervision cocas test works on this simple principle pulse elevations are caused by any allergic reaction

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