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The Summons

We’re going to court tomorrow at 2 p.m., in Whitby at 605 Rossland Road East (court room # 103).

To be honest, we’re pretty nervous. Although I requested disclosure from the municipality on August 14th, they haven’t sent us anything yet. I’m told that our appearance at court is really a formality, that all we will get is disclosure, and a new court date will be set.

Still, it’s not easy to have to appear in court “commanded in her Majesty’s name” … “to be dealt with according to law.” That’s the phrasing on the summons, which you can look at below, if you’re curious.

While we’re nervous, we have the support of 320 petition signers from across Canada and abroad (please do keep on signing the petition), as well as the Ontario Landowners Association, and at least one courageous council candidate.

I’ll update everyone on what happens after tomorrow.

Here’s the summons (you can click to enlarge it):

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