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Support from all over the map

When I say we’ve received support from “all over the map,” I mean that in two ways.

We’ve received support from all over the political map — left-wing, right-wing, libertarian, Conservative, Liberal, and NDP — and, judging by our Google Map, from straight across Canada, and from parts abroad as well.

Kitchener Centre NDP candidate Peter Thurley supports the Liberty Summer Seminar:

Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, Jason Kenney, who surprised us all last year by paying a late-night visit to the Seminar, has contributed to my mom and dad’s defence fund:

CBC journalist Kady O’Malley was in attendance at the Seminar this year (she tells me she had a wonderful time, and is grumpy about the municipality’s reaction):

Canadian author Margaret Atwood may not have signed the petition (she was recently involved in a petition-related fight, so she’s a little shy of signing petitions), but she did support our cause by retweeting the link:

Jason Dudek, who is the Executive Director of Accountable Development Works, an international charity, has signed our petition. He writes: “As a Canadian, I feel appalled that this is happening in my country.”

Meanwhile, Janusz Szwagrun, from Poland, writes about the irony of there being, possibly, less freedom in Canada than in the country our family fled for want of more freedom: “Today in Poland,” he writes, “seems to be more room to celebrate freedom than in Clarington Canada. What a shame to Canada.”

You may also remember the two letters from soldiers that I posted a few weeks back. Those are worth re-reading.

Yesterday, I posted about Corinna Traill’s supportive motion which she plans on moving if she gets elected. A change in the bylaws would make a great deal of difference to Clarington, and would save the Liberty Summer Seminar.

There’s a lot more besides. Hundreds of Canadians have signed our petition, as have several dozen non-Canadians. You can take a look at the signatories (and add your name to the list) here.

Meanwhile, even though we have surpassed our goal by almost $1,000, many people are still contributing to my mother and father’s legal defence fund.

We are very grateful for the remarkable and humbling outpouring of support for my mom and dad, and for the Liberty Summer Seminar.

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