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Janet Neilson: “A bummer for Liberty Summer”

Janet Neilson, one of the directors, with me, of the Institute for Liberal Studies had a letter to the editor published in the Orono Weekly Times on the same day as the harsh opinion piece.

The letter is sort of ironic, given what the opinion piece says about the kind of letters the Orono Times has received in response to the municipality’s decision to come down hard on my mom and dad for letting me host a seminar celebrating and promoting Canadian freedoms on their property.

The opinion piece says:

“We have recieved a number of letters to the Editor on the issue over the past few weeks , all of them from away, and all of them sympathetic of the Jaworskis — facing bankrupcy for simply holding a barbeque on their country property.”

On the same page as the opinion piece is Janet’s letter. Is it from “away”? Yes, it’s from Windsor. Is it sympathetic to my mom and dad? Yes, it sure is. Is it about my mom and dad facing bankruptcy for “holding a barbeque”? No, no it isn’t. Take a read for yourself:

“To The Editor:

I am writing as a five-time attendee (though I am also an organizer) of the Liberty Summer Seminar.

When I first attended the seminar, I had no idea where Orono was. I had never been to Clarington and might never have visited otherwise. Since I visited the Jaworskis’ home that first year, though, I have looked forward to spending time every year in your beautiful corner of Ontario.

I’m not alone. Every year many people from around the world visit Clarington for the first time, or return, to attend the Liberty Summer Seminar. 70-100 people come to Orono for a few days, spending money at local businesses and staying in other bed and breakfasts near Willow Pond B&B. Then they spend the rest of the year talking about it.

If Clarington is committed to supporting small business and promoting itself to visitors from outside the area it has a funny way of showing it. If the municipality isn’t willing to go to bat for the Jaworskis and others like them, I’m sure another part of Ontario would be happy for the business.

Janet Neilson
Windsor, Ontario”

Janet is far from alone. As one commenter put it on a prior post:

“I would have never heard of Clarington or Orono if not for the LSS. I seem to recall filling up at a local gas station before heading back and eating something at a restaurant in the area upon arriving. Does the regional promotion and economic impact of the LSS attendees not count for anything?”


    Come on, seriously. What community could possibly want to attract tourists, and invigorate local businesses? If these were goals that the municipality of Clarinton was interested in pursuing, they would have set up a government agency to achieve these goals by now. Oh, wait…

    Seriously, as far as I can tell, the Jaworskis bring in more tourists in one weekend than Clarington Economic Development ever does. It doesn’t make much sense for the city to have an entire department encouraging tourism, while they are simultaneously telling the entire country that fun is not permitted in their town.

  • Clarington permits lots of fun, so long as you are willing to pay in excess of $30,000(close to 10 times what other municipalities charge!) first for the application to change your property zoning. With money, anything is possible in Clarington!

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