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The Liberty Summer Seminar theme song by Lindy

Part of what makes the Liberty Summer Seminar distinctive is the music. Since 2005, we’ve featured at least one musical act. Mostly, our featured singer is Toronto-based superstar Lindy Vopnfjord. If you haven’t heard of Lindy, you can check out his MySpace page here (you’ve probably heard Lindy, though. His song “Beautifully undone” was on heavy rotation at 104.5 Chum-FM in Toronto a few years ago, he was, with Todor, writer and coach of Maranda Thomas on YTV’s The Next Star, and has put together a couple of catchy jingles for various popular commercials).

Here’s video of Lindy singing the Liberty Summer Seminar theme song (yes, we have a theme song):

Here are a few videos of the commercials and songs mentioned above, as well as a little video of everyone talking about what they most liked about the 2007 Liberty Summer Seminar (set to the LSS theme song):

What did you like most about the Liberty Summer Seminar?

Here’s Lindy and Todor coaching Maranda Thomas on YTV’s The Next Star:

And here are two commercials that you’ve probably seen on TV. The jingles are Lindy and Todor’s:

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